The Replacement


Everyone envies the Randalls. As Robert embarks on a luxurious retirement, his beautiful wife Caroline thrives as an accomplished hostess, and their handsome twins launch their own high-flying careers. It is almost too good to be true.

No one envies Stuart. Used to fending for himself after a childhood of foster homes, he is now making his way as best he can, vowing to lose a bit more weight and become a bit more successful.

But a chance encounter sets in motion a series of events which will shatter everything. Some will think they’ve lost, and some will think they’re winning, but none of them will be prepared for what is to come in the final catastrophe of jealousy, betrayal and agonizing justice.

They should never have invited Stuart in – and Stuart should never have trusted them.

A brilliantly assured psychological thriller that builds tension with such power and conviction, you will feel like you are there with them, fighting for a say.”


  1. James Smee says:

    Hi Patrick

    Love all your books and was delighted to learn about your latest ‘The Replacement’ after such a long time.
    However, having looked on Amazon its only available in Kindle. Are you planning to publish in either hardback or paperback shortly?

    All the very best

    • predmond1 says:

      Hi James. Thanks for your message. I am hoping “The Replacement” will be published in physical form at some point and will post details on the site when there’s any news. I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed my other books and I hope that all is good with you.

      Best wishes

  2. Hi Patrick. I hadn’t heard about your books until I read The Replacement – not sure how I heard about this one but maybe an Amazon recommendation – and I was absolutely hooked. I had to put my personal timetable on hold until I’d finished reading it. I’ve just read your post about how characters take on a life and start to lead the way, and I agree with this. I’ll definitely be reading more of your books, and intend to put a review on Goodreads.
    Incidentally, I just tried to subscribe to your newsletter but when I hit the button nothing seemed to happen.
    All best,

    • predmond1 says:

      Thank you so much, Jan. I’m really pleased you enjoyed The Replacement and hope you enjoy my other books if you try them. I’m sorry you had trouble signing up to the newsletter and will make sure that your details are added to the database.

      Best wishes

  3. Lisa Bellamy says:

    Hi Patrick, have been waiting for years for a new book, huge fan of all the others. this has to come out in paperback we have not all converted to Kindle! intrigued to know why such a long gap between this book and the last?

    Seriously cant wait to read!


    also had trouble subscribing to newsletter

    • predmond1 says:

      Hi Lisa. I’m delighted to report that The Replacement will be coming out as a paperback next year and I’ll soon be posting more information on the website and on my author facebook page. I’m so glad you enjoyed my other books and I’ve checked that you are now added to the newsletter mailing list.

      Best wishes

  4. Nicholas says:

    Hello Patrick and many thanks for yet another super read in “The Replacement”. My constant thought throughout was that this would make an excellent stage play or TV series. Very few novels have the ability to transfer so easily from book to stage. Yours is a fine exception and I do hope you or one of the writers of plays gives this serious thought.
    Please don’t keep us waiting so long for your next book!

    • predmond1 says:

      Hi Nicholas. I’m so glad you enjoyed The Replacement and that you think it would make a good stage play or tv series. I’d love to see it in one of those mediums!

      Best wishes

  5. Hi I noticed that The Replacement is not available on the US version of Amazon, will it be available there any time soon?

    • predmond1 says:

      Hi Tina. I am sorry The Replacement is not currently available on the US Amazon site. I am hoping it will be soon and when I have more news I will post it on the website and my author facebook page.

      Best wishes

  6. Hi Patrick,
    I greatly appreciated your books but here in Italy “The Replacement” and “All She Ever Wanted” are not currently available as they have never been translated.
    Is there a chance of an Italian edition of these books in the future?
    Thank you and best wishes.

    • predmond1 says:

      Hello Giorgio. Thank you for your message. Sadly we do not yet have a deal to publish “All She Ever Wanted” and “The Replacement” in the Italian language but hopefully we will do soon. When I know more I will post news on the website and also on my author facebook page. I hope all is good with you. Best wishes, Patrick.

  7. Hi Patrick,
    can you tell me if The Replacement will also come in German on the market?
    I’ve been waiting so long to finally read a book from you again .

    Thank you and best wishes

    • predmond1 says:

      Hi Irina. Thank you for your message. I’m very hopeful that The Replacement will be translated into German and when I have more news I will post it on the website and on my author facebook page. I hope that all is good with you. Best wishes, Patrick

  8. Dear Patrick, I’m a great fan of your books! I’ve read all of them in Italian and in English when not translated in my language! When I had lost my hopes I discovered that one year ago you published a last work: “The Replacement” and I want absolutely to read it!! Where can I order this book in paper (not in digital version?). I don’t find it anywhere here in Italy!! Many thanks! Gabriella

    • Hi Gabriella. Many thanks for your message and I’m delighed you’ve enjoyed my books so much. The Replacement will be issued as a paperback in May this year and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. I hope that’s helpful – and that you enjoy it when you read it! Best wishes, Patrick

  9. Dear Patrick,I’m a great fan of you,I think you’re a brilliant wonderful and kind person,and above all an excellent writer,my writer’s heart:)!I really really love you.I’m from Italy and I have to tell you the truth, I miss your books like the air that I breathe…I’ve read all of your books and I found them all wonderful ,especially “The Wishing Game” my favorite book of all time…However all this to say to you that I am desperate that the latest books “All she ever wanted” and “The Replacement” have not been translated into Italian.
    Is there a chance of an Italian edition of these books in the future?Please please please,I would read your WONDER again:)I hope you will take my prayers…and I hope so you will answer me…many thanks

    your sincerely

    • predmond1 says:

      Hi Sveva. Thank you for your message and I am so glad you have enjoyed my books – especially The Wishing Game! I am hoping that both All She Ever Wanted and The Replacement will be translated into Italian at some point and when I have more news will post it on my website and on my author Facebook page. I hope all is good with you and thanks again for taking the time to write to me. With best wishes, Patrick

  10. Lee king says:

    I just re-read “Something Dangerous”. I had read it before, but I had forgotten how riveting this book was. It kept me reading all day until I finished it. I could not put it down. Excellent. After reading the epilogue a few times, I found myself wondering, did Nicholas kill Richard? You slid in some very subtle details that made me wonder of this possibility. Do tell…please. Again, a masterpiece.

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